Scoring Tables for SAT Practice Exams

Three hours of work, and you’re still not finished! After you take each practice test, if you want to calculate your scores, just follow the steps and use the handy scoring tables provided here.

The scoring of the new SAT is a work in progress, as the College Board refines the exam. Check for the latest updates.

Converting Your Score

Use the following tables to convert the number of answers you got right in each section of the SAT to your overall score.

  1. Check your responses with the answers in Chapter 7.

    Don’t skimp on time here. Read the explanations for each incorrect answer (if you had any!) and figure out what went wrong.

  2. Add up the number of correct answers for the Reading, Writing and Language, and Math sections.

    Keep these numbers separate.Note that Question 37 of the Math Calculator section (the last question of that section) is worth 4 points, while every other question is worth 1 point. No partial credit is given for Question 37.

  3. Convert your scores, using the tables in this appendix.

    The following tables give you an idea of how you did in the traditional 200 to 800 score format for the exam’s three categories: (1) Reading, (2) Writing and Language, and (3) Mathematics.

  4. Add the number of correct answers in the Reading section to the number of correct answers in the Writing and Language section.

    Exclude the essay. This number represents your work in two major verbal areas.

  5. Convert the ...

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