Satellite Communication Engineering
Michael Olorunfunmi KolawoleMichael Olorunfunmi Kolawole
Second Edition
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Second Edition
Satellite Communication Engineering
Second Edition
“Its application is industry based. …it will excite readers especially with its empirical examples.
— Kayode Odimayomi, METI-University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria
An undeniably rich and thorough guide to satellite communication engineering, Satellite
Communication Engineering, Second Edition presents the fundamentals of information
communications systems in a simple and succinct way. This book considers both the engineering
aspects of satellite systems as well as the practical issues in the broad field of information
transmission. Implementing concepts developed on an intuitive, physical basis and utilizing a
combination of applications and performance curves, this book starts off with a progressive
foundation in satellite technology, and then moves on to more complex concepts with ease.
What’s New in the Second Edition:
The second edition covers satellite and earth station design; global positioning systems; antenna
tracking; links and communications systems; error detection and correction; data security;
regulations and procedures for system modeling; integration; testing; and reliability and
performance evaluation.
It provides readers with the systems building blocks of satellite transponders and earth stations,
as well as the systems engineering design procedure. It includes the tools needed to calculate
basic orbit characteristics such as period, dwell time, coverage area, propagation losses; antenna
system features such as size, beamwidth, aperture-frequency product, gain, tracking control; and
system requirements such as power, availability, reliability, and performance. For those seeking
additional training, it presents problem sets and starred sections containing basic mathematical
development, and also details recent developments enabling digital information transmission and
delivery via satellite.
Satellite Communication Engineering, Second Edition serves as a textbook for students and a
resource for space agencies and relevant industries.
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Second Edition
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Second Edition
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