Scala & Spark-Master Big Data with Scala and Spark

Video description

Learn Scala; learn Spark, Hadoop, ETL pipeline from AWS S3 to AWS RDS using Spark from scratch

About This Video

  • Relate the practical concepts of Scala and Spark with real-world problems
  • Implement any project from scratch that requires Scala and Spark knowledge
  • Know the theoretical and practical aspects of Scala and Spark

In Detail

The course Scala from Beginner to Pro is refreshingly different. The well-thought-out quizzes and mini projects that cover all the important aspects will make your Scala learning journey that much easier. This course includes an overview of Hadoop and Spark with a hands-on project with Scala Spark. Right through the course, every theoretical explanation is followed by practical implementation.

This course is designed to reflect the most in-demand Scala skills that you will start using right away at the workplace. The course is simple to follow and understand. Expressive, exhaustive, and practical with live coding sessions and replete with quizzes. Rich with state-of-the-art and up-to-date knowledge of this field.

The 6 mini-projects and one Scala Spark project included in this course are a vital component of this course. These projects present you with a hands-on opportunity to experiment for yourself with trial and error. You get a chance to learn from the mistakes you make. Importantly, it’s easy to understand the potential gaps that might exist between theory and practice.

Who this book is for

This course is for absolute beginners who want to learn Spark and Scala along with its implementation in realistic projects; people who want to develop smart solutions; data scientists; and machine learning experts.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction
    1. Why Scala
    2. Scala Applications
    3. About the Instructor
    4. Introduction to Course
    5. Projects Overview
  2. Chapter 2 : Overview
    1. What is Scala
    2. Scala Setup (Local Machine)
    3. Hello World
    4. Scala Setup (Online)
    5. Variables in Scala
    6. Arithmetic Operations on Variables-1
    7. Arithmetic Operations on Variables-2
    8. Quiz (Arithmetic Operations)
    9. Solution (Arithmetic Operations)
    10. Quiz (Strings)
    11. Solution (Strings)
    12. Type Casting
    13. Taking Input from User
    14. Quiz (User Input and Type Casting)
    15. Solution (User Input and Type Casting)
  3. Chapter 3 : Flow Control
    1. Overview of Control Statements
    2. If else statements
    3. Conditions in If
    4. Quiz (if statement)
    5. Solution (if statement)
    6. Nested If Else
    7. Quiz (Nested If Else)
    8. Solution (nested if else)
    9. Logical Operators
    10. Quiz (Logical Operators)
    11. Solution (Logical Operators)
    12. If Else If
    13. Quiz (If Else If)
    14. Solution (If Else If)
    15. Overview of Loops
    16. Overview of While Loop
    17. While Loop
    18. Quiz (While Loop)
    19. Solution 1 (While Loop)
    20. Solution 2 (While Loop)
    21. Do While Loop
    22. For Loop
    23. Quiz (For Loop)
    24. Solution (For Loop)
    25. Quiz(For Loop)
    26. Solution(For Loop)
    27. Break
    28. Break Fix
    29. Project Overview
    30. Project Solution Design
    31. Project Solution Code 1
    32. Project Solution Code 2
    33. Project Solution Code 3
    34. Project Solution Code 4
  4. Chapter 4 : Functions
    1. Overview of Functions
    2. Writing Addition Function
    3. Quiz (Basic Functions)
    4. Solution (Basic Functions)
    5. Functions Common Issues
    6. Named Arguments
    7. Quiz (String Concatenation Function)
    8. Solution (String Concatenation Function)
    9. Quiz (Dividing Code in Functions)
    10. Solution (Dividing Code in Functions)
    11. Default Arguments
    12. Quiz (Default Arguments)
    13. Solution (Default Arguments)
    14. Anonymous Functions
    15. Quiz (Anonymous Functions)
    16. Solution (Anonymous Functions)
    17. Scopes
    18. Project Overview
    19. Checking Credentials
    20. Prompting the Menu
    21. Basic Functions
    22. Breaking Code in More Functions
    23. Final Run
  5. Chapter 5 : Classes
    1. Introduction to Classes
    2. Creating Class
    3. Class Constructor
    4. Functions and Classes
    5. Project Overview
    6. Basic Structure
    7. Final Run
  6. Chapter 6 : Data Structures
    1. Introduction of Data Structures
    2. Lists introduction
    3. Lists Create and Delete Elements
    4. Lists Take
    5. ListBuffer Introduction
    6. Add Data in ListBuffer
    7. Remove Data from ListBuffer
    8. Take Data from ListBuffer
    9. Project Overview
    10. Project Architecture Discussion
    11. Project Architecture Implementation
    12. User Input for Objects
    13. Implementing the Control Flow
    14. Creating Required Functions Inside Class
    15. Overview of Maps
    16. Creating Maps
    17. Check Key in Map
    18. Update Value in Map
    19. Add and Remove Items from Maps
    20. Iterating in Maps
    21. Project Overview
    22. Project Architecture
    23. Project Structure Code
    24. Using Maps for Word Count
    25. Final Run
    26. Sets Overview
    27. Add and Remove Item from the Set
    28. Set Operations
    29. Overview of Stack
    30. Push and Pop in Stack
    31. Stack Attributes
    32. Project Overview
    33. Project Architecture
    34. Extra Closing Bracket Use Case
    35. Extra Starting Bracket Use Case
  7. Chapter 7 : Project
    1. Project Introduction
    2. Why Spark
    3. Hadoop Ecosystem
    4. Spark Architecture
    5. Spark Ecosystem
    6. DataBricks Account
    7. Setting Up DataBricks Cluster
    8. Spark Local Setup
    9. Spark Hadoop Setup
    10. Spark RDDs
    11. Spark RDDs (textFile, collect)
    12. Spark Local Run
    13. Understanding Map
    14. Understanding Flat Map
    15. Understanding Reduce by Key
    16. Word Count Example
    17. Spark DFs
    18. Spark DF Read Data
    19. Spark Print Schema, Select
    20. Spark Group By
    21. Spark DF Write
    22. Creating S3 Bucket
    23. Creating Database in RDS
    24. Performing ETL

Product information

  • Title: Scala & Spark-Master Big Data with Scala and Spark
  • Author(s): AI Sciences
  • Release date: August 2021
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781803248653