4Alliance of the Team

Focus on the who, not the how. You can always find someone to do it for you. Successful entrepreneurs make offers and deals and build how teams.

—Excerpt from my interview with Mike Koenigs, serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, and speaker. To watch my full interview with Mike Koenigs, go to: www.ScaleorFail.com/bonus.

Christine’s Story of Letting Go and Leading

When I began working with Christine, she had already been in business for 10 years with her husband, Alex. They run a cold-storage construction company, A-N-C Cold Storage, Inc., that builds cold-storage facilities for companies like Bon Appetit Bakery and Golden State Foods. They prided themselves on their great work, but their business had been at a standstill for several years. When they started working with me, I saw they had tremendous potential for growth, but were stymying the possibilities by trying to control all of their company’s daily operations. Everything that came in or out of their business had to pass the “Christine approval test,” which became a huge bottleneck for projects and created significant frustration for her and her team.

Christine and Alex were trying to grow their organization from entrepreneur to enterprise utilizing the same practices and procedures as the ones they had used from Day One. They were on an endless hamster wheel working so hard to get everything done so that their business would not implode. This is an impossible, endless task and they had hit ...

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