Chapter 5 The Strengths of High-Reactive Leaders Non-Differentiating Strengths

High-Reactive leaders have tremendous strengths, too. Consider this comment about Paul. Would you guess that he is a Reactive leader based on the feedback he received?

Paul’s greatest strength is his keen, absolutely brilliant mind. He has a powerful and unique combination of technical savvy, business acumen, and reptilian charisma.

Paul is extraordinarily talented and brings tremendous strength and drive to the table, but we cannot tell from this statement alone that he is a High-Reactive leader. What we learned from this study is that High-Reactive leaders are most strongly endorsed/acknowledged for a much different set of strengths than are High-Creatives. Looking carefully, we see that Paul’s strength is being measured as technically savvy and powerfully smart. In fact, we guess that he was promoted rapidly because of these core skills and strengths.

Top 10 Strengths of High-Reactive Leaders

Here are the top 10 strengths of High-Reactive leaders, listed in rank order:

  1. Drive and Passion: Enthusiastic, driven, and strongly committed to the success of the organization and self.
  2. Visionary: Communicates a compelling vision of the future that fosters alignment. Knows and sets strategic direction and business plans that allow teams and organizations to thrive.
  3. Strong Networker: Builds partnerships with other business leaders. Is good at bringing diverse groups together and provides a strong customer ...

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