Chapter 6 Leader Liabilities Most Reactive versus Most Creative

None of us is a perfect human being; we all have limits and liabilities. Leaders live out loud and their strengths, weaknesses, and liabilities are on display all day, every day. This is just the way it is. In spiritual boot camp, weaknesses and liabilities go with the territory. There’s no shame in that. They become invitations to transformation. We all have the ability to evolve and turn our weaknesses and liabilities into strengths and assets. And since each of us possesses that ability, it’s in our best interest to take advantage of it.

How We Interrupt Our Effectiveness

In our study, the leaders who provided feedback have much to teach about what interrupts effective leadership and how we can get in our own way. Here’s an example:

John is an individual who, in his professional life, does not suffer fools gladly, who takes challenges to his authority personally, who does not allow real or perceived slights to his status to go without a vigorous and sharp reaction, and who demands public recognition for his ideas, work, and contribution to (shared or individual) successful outcomes.

John can go on the attack! When acting from the perception he has formed on an issue, his assault can be consuming. It becomes difficult, if not impossible, in the moment for him to see any other reality. His situational inquiry, ostensibly delivered as questions to inform, is actually designed to elicit responses that build ...

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