Ian Alexander

These exercises are provided to enable readers to get started on their own with a little practice in simple scenario-based development techniques. They use the Templates supplied in Appendix 1 (available online at Suggested answers are provided in Appendix 3. Academic institutions are welcome to copy these exercises for students' use, provided the source and copyright are acknowledged on each copy.

1. Context

You are developing a new Wash-Wipe system to be used in a range of medium to large passenger cars including a saloon, an estate, a jeep and a cabriolet version. The cars will be sold all over the world including regions such as Scandinavia, mainland Europe, the Arabian Gulf, and South-East Asia. The environment in these regions includes arctic (winter temperatures down to −40° C), desert (summer temperatures up to 50° C; winter sandstorms), and monsoon (100% humidity; temperatures up to 35° C; precipitation up to 50 mm/hour) climates. Both left- and right-hand drive versions are required to cater for the countries involved. The jeep and the estate will be used on- and off-road, are subjected to intense vibration off-road, and may become very muddy. In all the versions, driver comfort and simplicity of operation have high priority, second only to safety.

2. Mission

Write a Mission Statement for the Wash-Wipe System, using the Mission and Objectives Template (Appendix 1-1).

3. Stakeholders

List the Stakeholders ...

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