Chapter 15


1. Michael Topping (1747–96): Astronomer and marine surveyor.

2. First Report of the Madras Public Work Commissioners [hereafter FRMPWC], pp. 298–99.

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6. John Goldingham (1767–1849): First official astronomer of the Madras Observatory, Inspector of Revenue Surveys.

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8. Charity schools and ‘Asylums’ were basically set up to take care of children of European (or half-European) descent whose parents had deceased or had been invalidated in the service of the Company.

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10. ‘History of the College’, p. 1.

11. Thomas Fiott De Havilland (1785–1866): Army engineer, architect.

12. ‘History of the College’, p. 2.

13. Choultry—A public ...

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