Chapter 24


The sources for all figures in the chapter are Ather H. Siddiqi (1978), Bibliography of Science, and Zakia A. Siddiqi and Farrukh Beg (1986), Growth and Development of Scientific Research in Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, and have been used with the authors’ permission.

*We have the pleasure of acknowledging the untiring efforts of Professor S.M. Rrazaullah Aansari, formerly of the physics department, AMU, Aligarh, in getting us to write this chapter. We thank him for also going through the text with the proverbial German thoroughness. However, we take responsibility for any unconscious mistakes or errors in writing for want of time.

1. Aryan Baker, ‘Beyond Faith’ Time, 170 (6): 25–31, 13 August 2007.

2. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan ...

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