Chapter 19

Saving Versions of Your Files with Snapshots

In This Chapter

arrow Taking a snapshot and viewing it in the sidebar

arrow Adding titles to snapshots

arrow Arranging snapshots by date or title

arrow Using the Compare feature

arrow Changing back to a previous version of a document

arrow Removing a snapshot

Any time you’re making significant — or even not-so-significant — changes to a document, it’s good practice to keep a copy of the old version. You could make a copy and store it in an Old Versions folder, but that can also get unwieldy. Scrivener has a more elegant tool: snapshots.

A snapshot is a copy of a document that’s frozen in time and stored for future reference, as if you took a photo of it with your camera so that you could refer back later — but better, because it’s stored right in the document itself and easily accessible if you want to copy from, compare to, or roll back to the older version. In ...

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