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Scrum Product Owner Toolkit

Video Description

Starting as a new Scrum Product Owner can be daunting. It’s true what they say that POs have full-time jobs.The Scrum Product Owner Toolkit is designed to help would-be POs and even those who are already POs into becoming more effective and efficient in their role. The course is packed with a lot of information; attempting to cover every bit of the Product Owner’s work and journey. From the qualities of a PO to how you ease in more smoothly to the role, the Scrum Product Owner Toolkit will be your guide in making an exciting and fulfilling career. Topics covered include:

  • The Role of the Scrum Product Owner (PO). We will briefly go over the PO role and the characteristics of an effective PO.
  • Working on your Vision and Roadmap. We start discussing the various activities that the PO performs and emphasize the importance of a clear vision. We explore the concept of MVP and how the vision is translated to the Product Roadmap.
  • Working on your Product Backlog. We will discuss how to create an effective Product Backlog, along with the activities of grooming, prioritizing, and refining the Product Backlog. We also cover techniques and tips to create effective user stories that will drive value out of development. Learn Mike Cohn's story splitting technique and how it can be used to derive effective user stories. Know the Product Backlog pitfalls to avoid and hear tips when working on large complex teams.
  • Working on your Release Plan. Product Owners should be heavily involved in the activities that surround the release plan. Here we will see how the Product Owner works prior, during, and after the release planning session.
  • Working with People. Product Owners need to work well with the rest of team. Learn techniques to work effectively with the Agile team, Scrum Master, and stakeholders.
  • Becoming the Product Owner. We explore how to smoothly transition to the PO role.