4.2.1. Installing the MPLAB C18 Compiler

Before installing the MPLAB C18 compiler, it is necessary to install the MPLAB IDE integrated development environment software. MPLAB IDE supports many development tools, such as assemblers, linkers, C18 and third-party compilers; built-in device programming software; and many more tools.

Installing the MPLAB IDE

The steps for installing the MPLAB IDE are given below:

  • Copy MPLAB IDE zip file from the Microchip Web site. At the time of writing, the IDE had the filename mplab__v820.zip
  • Create a subdirectory called MPLAB under your main C: drive
  • Unzip MPLAB IDE into directory MPLAB
  • Start the installation program by double-clicking on icon Install_MPLAB_V820.exe
  • Accept Complete installation
  • Restart ...

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