HD44780 LCD Controller

HD44780 is one of the most popular LCD controllers used in many LCD modules in industrial and commercial applications and also by hobbyists. The module is monochrome and comes in different shapes and sizes. Modules with character lengths of 8, 16, 20, 24, 32, and 40 can be selected. Depending on the model chosen, the display provides a 14-pin or a 16-pin connector to interface to the external world. Table 4.15 shows the pin configuration and pin functions of a typical 14-pin LCD.

Table 4.15. Pin Configuration of the HD44780 LCD Module
Pin Nos Names Functions
1 VSS Ground
2 VDD +ve supply
3 VEE Contrast
4 RS Register select
5 R/W Read/write
6 EN Enable
7 D0 Data bit 0
8 D1 Data bit 1
9 D2 Data bit 2
10 D3 Data bit 3

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