Chapter 14. SEO Resources


  • Finding the resources you need in simplified form

  • Saving yourself hundreds of Google searches

  • Getting the facts you need to know while offline

This chapter is a series of resources that I believe you will find useful while doing SEO and SEO consulting. It covers common SEO data, a time-tested checklist for switching domains, a quick hit list for doing SEO on the fly, and a quick guide on on-page optimization.

These are based on some of the paper resources I have hanging around my desk. A lot of memorization is required in the SEO industry and sometimes I find it easier to use a cheat sheet. I am guessing you will as well. Feel free to rip these pages out of this book and put them somewhere convenient (unless you are reading this in a bookstore!).


This first cheat sheet covers the basics of on-page optimization. This is essential for increasing relevancy and therefore boosting rankings. I have a blown up copy of this along with the other parts of this cheat sheet hanging in the public area of our office for everyone to reference.

Table 14.1. Important SEO Tags



Title Tag

<head> <title>Keyword Phrase, Secondary Phrases</title> </head>

HTML Headers (Very Limited SEO Value)

<h1>Most Important</h1> <h2>Second Most Important</h2> <h3>Third Most Important</h3>

Bold, Strong (Same SEO Value)

<B>Keyword</b> <strong>Keyword</strong>

Image (XHTML)

<img src="keyword.jpg" alt="keyword" />


<a href=" ...

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