Chapter 8Task-Based Syllabus Design

8.1.  Some Minimum Requirements

To be minimally adequate, proposals for a language teaching (LT) syllabus type (or for a particular LT syllabus illustrative of that type) should provide a rationale for the unit of analysis employed, and for the systems used for selection and grading (gradation, sequencing) of syllabus content in terms of that unit. That is to say, proposals should specify three things: (i) the type(s) of linguistic entities, e.g., lexical items, structures, notions and functions, or non-linguistic entities, e.g., topics, situations, or tasks, chosen as course currency, (ii) course content, i.e., what is to be taught in a course (and by implication, what need not be), and (iii) the order in which it is to be taught, i.e., how that content is to be sequenced. This is true of any type of syllabus, not ...

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