Chapter 18. Bringing Big Business to Second Life

In This Chapter

  • Understanding the state of the Second Life economy

  • Discovering Second Life business strategies

  • Finding out the truth about business in Second Life

  • Studying current industries in Second Life

Throughout this book, we cover the person-to-person business in Second Life (SL), but one of the things that gets SL lots of press coverage is big business within SL. By big business, we mean multinational conglomerates, such as IBM and Toyota, that have a presence in SL. When major players in the real-world business markets begin virtual spaces, people who might never have seen or thought about SL begin to take notice. With big business entering a frontier like SL, things are bound to be shaken up a bit both for the environment of Second Life and the businesses that enter it. In this chapter, we distill what we know about big businesses in SL and hopefully make it easier for a big business to fit in.

Bringing Big Business to Second Life


Even though Second Life is one of the most dynamic, exciting virtual worlds in existence, it's not for everyone — and not for every business. Companies who sell products that are difficult to reproduce in Second Life, or who sell products/services to a demographic different from the demographic in Second Life, might find a presence in Second Life ineffective.


If you're a small business owner Second Life can be a powerful marketing tool. ...

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