Chapter 21. Ten Great Places to Visit

In This Chapter

  • Where to find fun

  • Where to find good buys

  • Where to find the best of SL

We'd like to offer special thanks to First Opinions Panel (, who conducted surveys of hundreds of Second Life residents to generate this list for us. It was important to us that this list not be our favorite spots in Second Life (SL) but the favorite spots of SL residents. We received hundreds of great spots for this list but had to narrow them down to just ten. Don't limit yourself to exploring just these. Second Life is an ever-changing beautiful place, so get out there and check it out!

What follows is the name of the region, its location rating, and a description.


Lusk (218, 168, 61), PG

Founded by Michi Lumin, Luskwood (as shown in Figure 21-1) is the oldest furry hangout in Second Life. Don't worry if you're not a furry — all are welcome in this beautifully landscaped region complete with giant trees, dance floors, and playgrounds. Luskwood is very friendly.

There are always friendly, furry folk on the Luskwood dance floor.

Figure 21.1. There are always friendly, furry folk on the Luskwood dance floor.

Spaceport Alpha

Spaceport Alpha (128, 128, 0), PG

With some of the most detailed models of real object anywhere, Spaceport Alpha (and Bravo, for that matter) are spots that your kids will want to look ...

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