Always Think of New Ideas

SECRET #6 Try to come up with alternate ways of doing things.

It's easy to get in a rut and do the same thing over and over again.

In business, managers are always faced with roadblocks on how to grow their business or what to do when competition increases. The most successful businesses are constantly thinking of new ways to do things.


Thinking of alternative ideas and ways to do things is important in everyday life, too! Sometimes, when we try something for the first time, it doesn't work out the way we expect. Whenever that happens, be flexible and think of other ways to make something work.

So remember: It's best to think of new ways of doing things!


This secret really struck home when the Secret Millionaires Club kids formed a “virtual” band called THE LLAMAS. It was virtual because their drummer, a girl named MILLIE, lived in London.

A friend of mine, actor and singer NICK CANNON, helped Jones, Elena, Lisa, Radley, and Starty fly to England so they could shoot a music video with Millie.


Unfortunately, Millie wasn't in the mood to spend time with the band because her parents, owners of an old-fashioned record store, were arguing about how ...

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