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Secrets to Mastering the WBS in Real World Projects, 2nd Edition

Book Description

The Second Edition of the popular book on the most practical approach to project Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) and scope management! With hundreds of real-world project examples, this book will change the way you think about and understand the WBS. Learn the secrets to mastering the WBS and obtain smarter project results starting now. A must-read book for successful project managers.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. Contents
  7. Figures and Tables
  8. Introduction
  9. 1 - What is the WBS?
    1. What is the WBS Definition?
    2. What are the Program WBS and Portfolio WBS?
  10. 2 - Why Should you use the WBS?
    1. What are the Top 20 Benefits of using the WBS?
  11. 3 - What are the 4 Typical Confusions about the WBS?
    1. Story 1: Confusing the WBS with Work Sequencing
    2. Story 2: Being Trained with Old WBS Concepts
    3. Story 3: Confusing the WBS with the Schedule
    4. Story 4: Confusing the WBS with an OBS
    5. Avoid Confusion with the RBS, OBS, CBS, and BOM
  12. 4 - What are the Key Questions to Understanding the WBS?
    1. What if you Don't use the WBS?
    2. Can you Apply the WBS to any Project?
    3. When do you Create and use the WBS?
    4. Who Should Create the WBS?
    5. How do you Create the WBS?
    6. How Should you Update the WBS?
    7. What is the PMO's Role in the WBS?
  13. 5 - What are the Key Questions to Mastering the WBS?
    1. What are the WBS Levels, WBS ID, and Numbering?
    2. What is a WBS Component and a WBS Element?
    3. What Types of WBS Components Exist?
    4. What is a Work Package?
    5. How do you Decompose the Project Work?
    6. How many Components are in Real-World Projects?
    7. What are the WBS Fields or Attributes?
    8. How do you Name a Component?
    9. What is the 100 % Rule?
    10. What are Good and Bad WBS Examples?
    11. What is the WBS Dictionary?
  14. 6 - How do you Create a Valuable WBS?
    1. What are the Steps to Creating a Valuable WBS?
    2. What are the Approaches to Creating a WBS?
    3. Should you have a High-level WBS or a Detailed WBS?
    4. What are the Options you can use to Represent the WBS?
    5. What are the Tools or Techniques to Create a WBS?
    6. Can you use Templates, Standards and Guidelines?
  15. 7- What are the Software Tools for the WBS?
    1. WBS Chart Pro™
    2. MindView®
    3. MindManager®
    4. Microsoft® Visio and WBS Modeler
    5. Spreadsheet Software
    6. Microsoft® Project and WBS Director
    7. Primavera® P6™
    8. WBS Software Tools Comparison Chart
    9. How do you Customize WBS ID fields Instead of using Default Fields?
    10. How do you use Different Files per WBS Level or Branch?
  16. 8 - How do you Integrate the WBS with Scope Management?
    1. What is the Product Scope, Project Scope, and the Product WBS?
    2. What's the Role of the WBS in the Scope Baseline and Scope Change Control?
    3. How do Project Requirements Affect the WBS?
    4. What is Out of Scope?
    5. How does the WBS Fit in with the PMBOK® Guide?
  17. 9 - How do you Integrate the WBS with the Schedule and Costs?
    1. What's the Difference between the WBS and the Schedule?
    2. Why Should you Link the WBS with the Schedule?
    3. How can you Link the WBS with the Schedule?
    4. How can you Link the WBS with Costs?
  18. 10 - How do you Integrate the WBS with Communications, Risks, Acquisitions, Human Resources, and Quality?
    1. How do you use the WBS in Communications?
    2. How do you use the WBS in Risks?
    3. How do you use the WBS in Acquisitions?
    4. How do you use the WBS in Human Resources?
    5. How do you use the WBS in Quality Management?
  19. 11 - How do you use the WBS in Global, Multicultural, and Virtual Projects?
    1. How do you Identify Global Characteristics in a WBS?
    2. What do you Consider in the WBS in Global, Multicultural, and Virtual Projects?
  20. 12 - Can you use the WBS in Agile Projects?
    1. PMBOK® Guide Alignment with Agile
    2. Why Agile Won't Replace the PMBOK® Guide?
    3. WBS and Scope in Agile Project
  21. Conclusion
  22. Appendices
    1. I - Project Management Element Decomposition
    2. II - Generic WBS Template
    3. III - Real-World WBS Examples
  23. Abbreviations and Acronyms
  24. References and Resources
  25. About the Author