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Securing Web Applications with ZAP

Video Description

This course shows you how to secure a web application with ZAP, an award winning open source security application actively maintained worldwide by hundreds of volunteers.

First, you'll install an up-to-date version of the Java runtime environment and the ZAP application. Then, you'll learn how to do a web application vulnerability scan, simulate an attack, and install an add-on. Learners must be super users on computers running recent copies of the Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, or Docker platforms.

  • Learn how to find vulnerabilities in web applications
  • Understand how to simulate malicious attacks
  • Explore techniques that find vulnerabilities in the configuration of web services on a server
  • Discover methods that can verify the security of your code
Scott C. MacCallum is a technology manager, freelance technology author, and software freedom activist, who has been working with the BSD and GNU/Linux operating systems since 1999. His current areas of interest are security, reverse engineering, and developing free software.