Securing Your Business with Cisco ASA and PIX Firewalls

Book description

Protect critical data and maintain uptime with Cisco ASDM and Cisco Security Agent 

  • Understand how attacks can impact your business and the different ways attacks can occur

  • Learn about the defense-in-depth model for deploying firewall and host protection

  • Examine navigation methods and features of Cisco ASDM

  • Set up Cisco ASA, PIX Firewall, and ASDM hardware and software

  • Use the Cisco ASDM startup wizard to safely connect your network to the Internet and securely add public devices such as mail and web servers to your network

  • Authenticate firewall users and users of public web servers

  • Filter traffic and protect your network from perimeter attacks

  • Deploy Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to provide more granular traffic inspection and proactive threat response

  • Stop attacks launched at the desktop by deploying Cisco Security Agent

  • Extend the defense-in-depth model to remote users through IPSec virtual private networks (VPN)

  • Enhance your security posture through proper security management

  • Understand the advanced features available in the Cisco PIX version 7 operating system

  • Recover from software failure with Cisco PIX version 7

  • Many people view security as a “black-box-voodoo” technology that is very sophisticated and intimidating. While that might have been true a few years ago, vendors have been successful in reducing the complexity and bringing security to a point where almost anyone with a good understanding of technology can deploy network security.

    Securing Your Business with Cisco ASA and PIX Firewalls is an extension of the work to simplify security deployment. This easy-to-use guide helps you craft and deploy a defense-in-depth solution featuring the newly released Cisco® ASA and PIX® version 7 as well as Cisco Security Agent host intrusion prevention software. The book simplifies configuration and management of these powerful security devices by discussing how to use Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM), which provides security management and monitoring services through an intuitive GUI with integrated online help and intelligent wizards to simplify setup and ongoing management. In addition, informative, real-time, and historical reports provide critical insight into usage trends, performance baselines, and security events. Complete with real-world security design and implementation advice, this book contains everything you need to know to deploy the latest security technology in your network.

    Securing Your Business with Cisco ASA and PIX Firewalls provides you with complete step-by-step processes for using Cisco ASDM in conjunction with Cisco Security Agent to ensure that your security posture is strong enough to stand up against any network or host attack whether sourced from the Internet or from inside your own network.

    "Firewalls are a critical part of any integrated network security strategy, and books such as this will help raise awareness of both the threats inherent in today’s open, heterogeneous internetworking environments and the solutions that can be applied to make the Internet a safer place."

    —Martin E. Hellman, professor emeritus of Electrical Engineering,

    Stanford University and co-inventor of public key cryptography

    This security book is part of the Cisco Press® Networking Technology Series. Security titles from Cisco Press help networking professionals secure critical data and resources, prevent and mitigate network attacks, and build end-to-end self-defending networks. 

    Table of contents

    1. Copyright
    2. About the Author
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. Icons Used in This Book
    5. Foreword
    6. Introduction
    7. Network Security and the ASA/PIX Security Appliance
      1. Internet Security 101
        1. Network Attacks: A Serious Problem
        2. Assessing Your Vulnerability to Network Attacks
        3. Attack Impact
        4. Attackers
        5. Protecting Yourself and Your Business
        6. Summary
      2. Principles of Network Defense
        1. Understanding Defense in Depth
        2. Defense-in-Depth Implementation Details
        3. Network Intrusion Prevention
        4. Additional Security Best Practices
        5. Summary
      3. Getting Started with the ASA/PIX Security Appliance
        1. Cisco ASA/PIX Security Appliance Overview
        2. Models
        3. Installing the ASA/PIX Security Appliance
        4. Booting the ASA/PIX Security Appliance
        5. Troubleshooting
        6. Installing the ASA/PIX Software
        7. Summary
      4. Exploring the Adaptive Security Device Manager
        1. Exploring the GUI
        2. Summary
    8. Securing Network Infrastructures with ASDM
      1. Deploying Secure Internet Connectivity
        1. Introducing the ASDM Startup Wizard
        2. Basic Network Topology
        3. Using the ASDM Startup Wizard
        4. Summary
      2. Deploying Web and Mail Services
        1. Review of Your Current Network Topology
        2. Designing the Network Topology to Include Web and Mail Services
        3. Use the ASDM Startup Wizard to Deploy Web and Mail Services
        4. Summary
      3. Deploying Authentication
        1. Defining Authentication
        2. The Purpose of Authentication
        3. Implementing Authentication
        4. Summary
      4. Deploying Perimeter Protection
        1. Perimeter Protocol Enforcement
        2. Customizing Protocol Inspections
        3. Perimeter Traffic Filtering
        4. Perimeter Denial-of-Service Protection
        5. Summary
      5. Deploying Network Intrusion Prevention
        1. What Is Intrusion Prevention?
        2. Deploying Intrusion Prevention on the ASA/PIX
        3. Summary
      6. Deploying Host Intrusion Prevention
        1. Why Use Host Intrusion Prevention
        2. CSA Internals
        3. Implementing Host Intrusion Prevention
        4. Virus Scanners and CSA: The Complete Solution
        5. Summary
      7. Deploying VPNs
        1. Understanding Virtual Private Networks
        2. Implementing VPN Using ASDM
        3. Monitoring VPN Usage with ASDM
        4. Summary
    9. Appendixes
      1. Deploying Effective Security Management
        1. Layer 2 Best Practices
        2. Authentication Best Practices
        3. Perimeter Best Practices
        4. Intrusion Prevention Best Practices
        5. Host Intrusion Prevention Best Practices
        6. VPN Best Practices
        7. Event Logging Best Practices
      2. ASA/PIX Version 7 Advanced Features
        1. Authentication Enhancements
        2. Perimeter Protection Enhancements
        3. Intrusion Prevention Enhancements
        4. Security Management
        5. VPN Enhancements
        6. General Security Appliance Enhancements
      3. ASA/PIX Version 7 and ASDM Software Recovery
        1. Obtaining the ASA/PIX Version 7 and ASDM Software
        2. Prepare Your PC for an ASA/PIX Upgrade
        3. Preparing ASA/PIX Security Appliance for Software Recovery
        4. Recovering the ASA/PIX to Version 7
        5. Installing ASDM 5.0 on the ASA/PIX Security Appliance
    10. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Securing Your Business with Cisco ASA and PIX Firewalls
    • Author(s): Greg Abelar
    • Release date: May 2005
    • Publisher(s): Cisco Press
    • ISBN: 1587052148