Chapter 13

Doing a Little Market Research: Securities Analysis


Bullet Doing some fundamental analysis

Bullet Showing what a technical analyst does

Bullet Looking at the money supply

Bullet Understanding economic indicators

Bullet Reviewing some economic terms and principles you need to know

In terms of choosing securities, throwing darts at a list of stocks seems to have fallen out of favor. So has drawing company names out of a hat. But hey, no problem. Your psychic powers may not be the most reliable, but you still have tons of tools that can help you get a good idea of where the market’s heading and how certain securities may perform.

One of your main jobs as a registered representative is to figure out the best investments for your customers. To help lead people down the path of riches, you have to analyze your customer’s portfolio and the market and try to find a good fit. In many cases firms hire analysts to provide registered reps with investment information, which helps you determine the best ...

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