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Security Engineering for the IoT

Video Description

In a step by step manner learn design techniques, applied cryptography and secure cloud connectivity.

About This Video

  • Deep dive applying cryptographic solutions, identity and access management solutions and key management solutions for IoT systems
  • This course will be filled with practical examples learn the techniques and methodologies of building and securing robust Internet of Things (IoT) systems.
  • Secure Connections to the Cloud that include Azure, AWS and Watson IoT Platform.

In Detail

The Internet of Things (IoT),an emerging global interconnection of billions of smart devices, will collect increasing amounts of private and sensitive data about our lives, and requires increasing levels of reliability and trustworthiness with respect to confidentiality, integrity, and availability.This video course will cover security engineering approaches for IoT systems. We will discuss approaches for securely designing and hardening IoT endpoints and systems. This video tutorial will give you the information you need to implement a secure system design methodology within an organization. You will examine what is required to securely design an IoT device, how to integrate your existing security services to protect an IoT system, how to select technologies that support your security endeavors, and negotiate security agreements with IoT providers. Your will then cover in-depth approaches to applying cryptographic solutions, identity and access management solutions, and key management solutions for IoT systems.

You'll also explore case study of the approaches to identity management taken within the Connected Vehicle market and discuss the interesting role that biometrics can play in securing IoT devices.This video tutorial will also teach you to securely connect to the cloud, process and store data in the cloud, and integrate cloud security services for your IoT system. By the end of this course, you will have learned to ensure the security of your organization's data through design techniques, applied cryptography, and secure cloud connectivity.