First of all, the editors would like to thank all those who contributed to this book: Mehdi Amirijoo, Mark Austin, Rubén Cruz, Juan Carlos del Río, Patricia Delgado Quijada, Andreas Eisenblätter, Nizar Faour, Rafael Ángel García, Juanjo Guerrero, Gustavo Hylander, Thomas Kürner, Frank Lehser, Remco Litjens, Andreas Lobinger, Raúl Moya, Javier Muñoz, Christos Neophytou, Michaela Neuland, José Outes, Salvador Pedraza, Gabriel Ramos, Miguel A. Regueira Caumel, Philippe Renaut, Javier Romero, Lars Christoph Schmelz, Octavian Stan, Szymon Stefański, Ken Stewart, John Turk, Carlos Úbeda and Josko Zec. Moreover, we would like to express our gratitude to Neil Scully for facilitating all contributions from the SOCRATES project.

We also thank our colleagues at Ericsson for their continued support and encouragement and for providing suggestions and comments on the content. Special thanks to Josko Zec, Alejandro Gil, Miguel A. Regueira Caumel, Paul Cowling and Kai Heikkinen.

Additionally, the great assistance provided by Miguel A. Regueira Caumel, Marina Cañete and Jennifer Johnson during the editing process is greatly appreciated. During these months, the guidance and support provided by the great team at John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. has made a difference. Special thanks to Mark Hammond, Sophia Travis, Mariam Cheok, Lynette James and Suvesh Subramanian for all the help they provided.

Finally, we are immensely grateful to our families for their patience and support during the ...

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