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Sell & Re-Sell Your Photos, 6th Edition

Book Description

Sell your photos again and again!

Live anywhere. Pick your hours. Be your own boss. Earn more money. See your pictures in print. Discover the freedom of a profitable photo business by learning the secrets behind making and selling editorial stock photography.

For more than three decades, industry classic Sell & Re-Sell Your Photos has been giving new and veteran photographers the tools to sell their pictures consistently to markets they enjoy. Rohn Engh's master text, with updates from independent photographer Mikael Karlsson, outlines the time-tested formula for successfully marketing your work to publishers world-wide.

This completely revised and expanded 6th edition features up-to-date advice, brand new photos and charts and tables to help you achieve your goals.

Learn how to:
  • Create enduring images--the ones photo buyers always need
  • Price your photos like a professional
  • Find your niche and corner that market
  • Take and market your work with modern technology
  • Confidently submit to agencies and publishers
  • Digitally store your archive
  • Protect yourself and your photos with basic copyright laws and regulations
  • Includes a detailed five-week action plan to get you organized and selling
Master the stock photography market: Take pictures today that you can sell for many tomorrows to come!

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Special Offers
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. Chapter 1: The Wide World of Possibilities
    1. The Buyers are Waiting
    2. Trends in the Marketplace
    3. Fifty Thousand Photographs a Day
    4. A Wide-Open Door
    5. Find the Market, Then Create
    6. You, the Photo Illustrator
    7. The “Theme” Markets
    8. Magazines
    9. Books
    10. A Hedge Against a Downturn in the Economy
    11. Good Pictures-Wrong Buyers
  7. Chapter 2: What Photos Sell and Re-Sell?
    1. The Difference Between a Good Photo and a Good Marketable Photo
    2. Enduring Images
    3. Good Marketable Photos
    4. The Rohn Engh and Mikael Karlsson Principle for Producing a Marketable Photo Every Time
    5. The Principle
    6. Become a Monopoly
    7. Photos That You Can Read Into—Using the Principle
    8. You Are an Important Resource to Photo Buyers
    9. A Gallery of Stock Photos
  8. Chapter 3: Finding Your Corner of the Stock Photography Market
    1. First, Find Yourself
    2. Photographically…Who Am I?
    3. Your PS/A (Photographic Strength/Areas)
    4. The Majors and the Minors
    5. How to Use Reference Guides, Directories and the Internet
    6. Using Your Local Interlibrary Loan Service
    7. Using the Internet
    8. Chart Your Course . . . Build a Personalized Market List
    9. The Total Net Worth of a Customer
    10. Long-Term Value
  9. Chapter 4: Getting Started
    1. The Five-Weekend Action Plan
  10. Chapter 5: Producing a Marketable Photo
    1. Some Basic Questions Answered
    2. What ISO Should I Use?
    3. Scanning: Should I Do It Myself?
    4. Digital Previews and Submissions
    5. Q and A
  11. Chapter 6: Taking and Making Editorial Stock Photos
    1. Do You Take or Make Them?
    2. Danger Ahead: Trite Pictures
    3. How to Manage Models
    4. Should You Pay Your Models?
    5. Other Model Sources
    6. When Is a Model Release Necessary?
    7. Dealing with Officials
  12. Chapter 7: The Fine Art of Dealing With Photo Buyers
    1. Getting to Know Them
    2. The Reliability Factor
    3. The Photo Buyer Connection
    4. Should You Visit a Photo Buyer?
    5. Should You Write?
    6. Should You Telephone?
    7. Should You E-mail?
    8. Get on the Available-Photographers List
    9. Selling the Same Photo to Multiple Buyers
    10. Scanning and Photocopying Your Photographs
    11. The Central Art File
    12. The Permanent File System
    13. The Pirates
    14. The Legal Side
  13. Chapter 8: Pricing Your Photos
    1. Master Your Marketing System First
    2. Sell and Re-Sell
    3. The Price Range
    4. Base Camp: Inside-Editorial Use
    5. Which Range for You?
    6. Using the Pricing System: What to Charge
    7. Payment for Other Uses
    8. Within the Price Range, Should You Charge the High End or the Low End?
    9. Unique Pictures—What Are They?
    10. Second Use of Your Pictures
    11. State Your Fee
    12. Pricing the Service Photo
    13. Royalty Free
    14. The Lowest Fee Possible: Nothing
  14. Chapter 9: Managing Your Mail and Internet Marketing Operation
    1. How Do I Get My Pictures From Here to There?
    2. Delivery: As Close As Your Mailbox and Computer
    3. Our Postal Service—a Bargain for the Stock Photographer
    4. Preparing Your Stock Photos for the Market
    5. Packaging: The Key to Looking Like a Pro
    6. Writing the Cover Letter
    7. Deadlines: A Necessary Evil
    8. Unsolicited Submissions
    9. The Magic Query Letter
    10. Should You Deal with Markets Outside of the United States?
    11. Which are the Heavy Purchasing Months?
    12. How Long Do Photo Buyers Hold Your Photos?
    13. Sales Tax—Do You Need to Charge It?
    14. When Can You Expect Payment?
    15. How Safe Are Your Pictures in the Hands of a Photo Buyer?
    16. How Much Recompense Should You Expect?
    17. A Twenty-Six-Point Checklist to Success
  15. Chapter 10: If You Don’t Sell Yourself, Who Will?
    1. Promoting Your Photography
    2. Talent Can Take You Just So Far
    3. Look Like a Pro Even If You Don’t Feel Like One . . . Yet
    4. Your Personal Trademark or Logo
    5. Build a Mailing List
    6. Credit Lines and Tearsheets—Part of the Sale
    7. Show Yourself Off
    8. Reassess Your Promotional Effectiveness
    9. Some Final Self-Promotion Suggestions
  16. Chapter 11: Assignments
    1. An Extra Dimension for the Photo Illustrator
    2. Negotiating Your Fee
    3. Expenses
    4. Extra Mileage From Assignments
    5. Industry-Sponsored Assignments
    6. The Stringer
    7. Self-Assignments–Where Do You Start?
    8. Making the Contact
    9. A Sampling of Hot Sellers
  17. Chapter 12: Stock Photo Agencies and Decor Photography
    1. Outlets for Track A
    2. Everything New Under the Sun
    3. Prepare to Share Your Profit
    4. Agencies: A Plus with Limitations
    5. How to Contact a Stock Photo Agency
    6. The Timely Stock Agencies
    7. Stock Agency Catalogs
    8. Possible Problems in Dealing with Stock Agencies
    9. Do You Need a Personal Rep?
    10. Using a Stock Agency
    11. Start Your Own Mini-Agency
    12. Décor Photography: Another Outlet for Your Standards
  18. Chapter 13: Keeping Records: Knowing Where Everything Is
    1. The Lazy Person’s Way to Extra Sales—Knowing What’s Selling
    2. File It! How to Avoid Excessive Record Keeping
    3. Knowing How to Put Your Finger on It: Cataloging Your Black and Whites and Transparencies
    4. The Basics
    5. The Systems
    6. Counting the Beans
    7. Protecting Your Files
    8. Everything Has Its Place
    9. Digital Storage
  19. Chapter 14: Working Smart
    1. The Success Habit: Following Through
    2. Setting Goals
    3. Getting Organized
    4. Time Your Goals
    5. Is It Easy? A Survival Secret
    6. Think Small
    7. You Manage the Business—Not the Other Way Around
    8. A Self-Evaluation Guide
    9. How to Measure Your Sales Strengths
    10. Pictures Just Aren’t Selling?
    11. A Potpourri of Additional Aids in Working Smart
    12. Tweak Captions to Attract More Photo Buyers
  20. Chapter 15: Rights and Regulations
    1. Copyright
    2. Copyright Infringement
    3. Group Registration
    4. How to Contact the Copyright Office
    5. Interpreting the Law
    6. Be Wary of Dates
    7. Laying Claim to Your Picture
    8. Some Drawbacks of the Copyright Law
    9. A Remedy
    10. Q and A Forum on Copyright
    11. Work for Hire
    12. Electronic Rights
    13. Which Usage Rights Do You Sell?
    14. Read the Fine Print
    15. Forms to Protect Your Rights
    16. Legal Help
    17. You Will Rarely Need a Model Release for Editorial Use
    18. Model Releases—When Must You Get Them?
    19. Oral Releases
    20. Can We Save Them Both? The Right of Privacy and Our First Amendment Rights
  21. Chapter 16: Your Stock Photo Business: A Mini Tax Shelter
    1. The Great Rebate
    2. The Tax Return
    3. Carrybacks
    4. Your Stock Photography Business Deductions
  22. Chapter 17: Stock Photography in the Digital Age
    1. Which Computer to Buy?
    2. Cataloging and Retrieving Your Pictures
    3. CD-ROMs
    4. Establish Your Own CD-ROM Service
    5. The Three Fs: Fone, Fax and FedEx
    6. Internet: The Electronic Post Office
    7. Online Delivery
    8. Printers to the Rescue
    9. Captions
    10. Word Processing
    11. Spreadsheets
    12. Graphics
    13. Picture Enhancement
    14. Storage
    15. Where to From Here?
    16. Interview with Carole Albertson, Photographer and Owner of LostLands.Net Web Hosting Company
  23. Bibliography
  24. About the Author
  25. Marketing Page
  26. Copyright
  27. Tables