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Sell Your Artistic Photography Online

Book Description

If you have ever considered selling your fine-art photography online but weren't sure how to go about it, SELL YOUR ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY ONLINE has the answers you're looking for. Much of today's fine art photography market is found on the Internet, where collectors have a wide choice of inventory from which to choose. In order to meet buyers where they are, you need to learn the techniques for creating desirable images and getting your work seen on the sites where collectors congregate online. Written by expert photographer/teacher/author Matthew Bamberg, SELL YOUR ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY ONLINE covers everything from shooting and composition to honing your marketing skills and will teach you what you need to know to create compelling fine art photographs and sell them online.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. About the Author
  7. Contents
  8. Introduction
  9. Part 1 The Fine Art Photography Scoop
    1. Chapter 1 Defining Fine Art Photography Today
      1. Enter the Print on Demand (POD) Platform
      2. Genres of Fine Art Photography
      3. Evaluating a Fine Art Photograph
    2. Chapter 2 History of Fine Art Photography
      1. How It All Began
      2. Twentieth Century Fine Art Photographers Popular Today
    3. Chapter 3 Microstock versus Fine Art Photography
      1. Royalty Free versus Editorial Photos
    4. Chapter 4 Fine Art Photography Online
      1. RedBubble
      2. Fine Art America (FAA)
      3. Imagekind
      4. Zenfolio
  10. Part 2 Fabulous Film—There’s No Other Media Like It
    1. Chapter 5 Selling Prints, Slides, and Negatives
      1. Sorting Old Photos
    2. Chapter 6 The Ins and Outs of Scanning
      1. Scanning File Types
      2. The Best Scanners
    3. Chapter 7 Restoring Vintage Photos
      1. Restoration: Photos that Need Some Work
  11. Part 3 Digital Photography
    1. Chapter 8 Shooting and Composition
      1. Applying the Rule of Thirds
      2. Working with the Aperture Setting
    2. Chapter 9 Color and Light in Fine Art Photography
      1. Color Matching with a Color Wheel
      2. Using Light and Exposure
      3. Shutter Speed and ISO
      4. Manipulating the Main Dial
    3. Chapter 10 Finding Your Niche
    4. Chapter 11 Finding What Sells
      1. Example: Photographing Flowers
    5. Chapter 12 Postprocessing
    6. Chapter 13 Resolution and Sensor Size
  12. Part 4 Digital Art
    1. Chapter 14 Digital Art Defined
    2. Chapter 15 Making a Photograph Look Like a Painting
    3. Chapter 16 Making a Photograph Look Like a Drawing
    4. Chapter 17 Creating a Matching Background
      1. Manipulating the Background in Your Images
    5. Chapter 18 Creating High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photos
      1. Using Photomatix to Create HDR Photos
      2. Using Photoshop to Create HDR Photos
  13. Part 5 Selling Fine Art Photography Online
    1. Chapter 19 What’s Selling
    2. Chapter 20 Fine Art America
      1. Uploading Images to FAA
      2. Getting the Word Out About Your Artwork
      3. Behind the Scenes
      4. Creating Your Bio
    3. Chapter 21 Artist Rising
      1. Registering and Uploading at Artist Rising
      2. Managing Images
      3. Adding Information to an Image
      4. Setting Up Images to Be Printed
      5. Inserting Edit Information
    4. Chapter 22 Imagekind
      1. Registering at Imagekind
      2. Markups
      3. Getting Paid
      4. A Final Note
  14. Part 6 Gallery