I HAVE THREE IMPORTANT truths to share with you:

First, you are a salesperson. Everyone is, like it or not.

Second, you should be selling, at least unofficially, all the time.

And third, selling, even unofficially, will help your career and company.

Here’s how I know that: I’m a born college professor. Or I was. Or I thought I was. I’m not anymore.

I’m a former college professor. Turns out, I’m a born salesperson.

Turns out, I’m pretty good at convincing people to do what I ask them to do. I’m persuasive, I know what I want, and I’m passionate about getting it.

That passion, when coupled with what my grandma called my “gift of gab” and my naturally outgoing nature, seems to be contagious. If I really, really believe in something, ...

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