4The Selling Boldly System: Step 1—Get Your Mindset Right; Step 2—Behave Accordingly (Communicate Boldly)

The Selling Boldly approach to sales growth is a proven, fast, and very simple way to grow sales, based on a simple truth.

The shortest path to selling more is to communicate more with customers and prospects.

That's it.

The more that customers and prospects hear from us, the more they buy from us. The less they hear from us, the less they buy.

And that's my goal here: by the time you finish reading this book, I hope you will begin to communicate much more with people who can buy from you.

The communications I show you in Part IV are not complicated and they do not require a lot of time.

Many of them are simply questions that you drop in to existing conversations. And many of the questions take all of two seconds to ask.

Here's the thing, though: before we talk about technique, we need to discuss mindset, because, as I've already argued, you cannot outsell your thinking. If you're fearful, you sell that way. If you're confident, you sell much better. If you're thinking meekly, or cynically, your sales suffer much more than if you are thinking boldly and gratefully.

In the next part of this book, we're going to talk about these mindsets, and how they affect your success. What follows are the mindsets we will focus on. The Selling Boldly mindset—which is the healthy, powerful, ideal one for communicating more with your customers and prospects—is in the left column. On the ...

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