17Why Feedback from Happy Customers Is the Key to Developing the Selling Boldly Mindset

There is a single activity that will move your mindset from the fearful side of the mindset table to the Selling Boldly side.

There is one thing that will move you from reactive to proactive; from fearful to confident; from meek to bold; from pessimistic to optimistic; from cynical to grateful; from giving up to persevering; from focusing on your products and services to focusing on your value and relationship; from overplanning to overexecuting; from laboring to making it look easy; from being inquiry‐driven to being plan‐driven.

One activity can do all that?

Yes, it is like magic.

It's so effective—like steroids for sales—that it should be illegal.

But it's perfectly legal, your customers will love it, and it will infuse joy and happiness into your life. And then the money comes.

This activity is: proactively talking to your happy customers about what they enjoy and appreciate about working with you, in a systematic and intentional way.

I am not talking about Internet surveys, which many customers accurately perceive to be a demand or a drain on their time.

I am not talking about “Would you answer a few questions for us by email?” which is lazy and also an imposition on the customer.

No, I am talking about a 5‐ to 10‐minute conversation with customers who you know are happy, and to dig into exactly what they are happy about.

Why Happy Customers Don't Call

We only hear from customers ...

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