35Putting It All Together with the “The One‐Page Sales Planner”

Let's talk about the system.

Take a look at “The One‐Page Sales Planner.”

It's a two‐sided sheet, where all of your planning and actions come together to take you through a powerful sales‐growing week.


Fill out this planner for next week at the end of the day Friday, or Sunday or Monday morning.

Here's how to leverage this planner into sales growth.

Start on the Planning Side

  • Start with your two‐ to four‐week planners discussed earlier in this book and bring over your top‐priority actions.
  • Write out your top priority DYKs, rDYKs, quote follow‐ups, testimonial communications, referrals to request, handwritten notes to send, and post‐delivery calls to make.

Key point here: write the names of the people you will call and their companies. Don't limit these lists to just companies. We want to think about the people. Our relationships are with the humans. We help the people.

For your DYK list, write down the customer's name and also the product you will suggest.

For testimonial communications, write down who you will communicate the testimonials to and ...

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