Chapter 5

Selling What Your Product Does Instead of What It Is

In This Chapter

arrow Noting the product details that your clients need you to know

arrow Getting the vital statistics on your product with a variety of techniques

One of the best advantages of a career in selling is that good selling skills are portable. By that I mean that after you master basic selling skills, you have the education you need to sell any product that you believe in once you master your product knowledge.

Product knowledge is one whole side of the selling triangle I discuss in Chapter 1, which tells you that it’s one-third of what you need to know to be successful.

In this chapter, I offer specific suggestions for ways you can develop your product knowledge and be prepared for nearly any question that comes your way when you’re with potential clients. Investing time in product research upfront pays off when you’re ready to put your selling strategies to work.

You can’t know too much about your product or service. Customers love to feel that you have the inside track on the latest and greatest products and services; they want to believe that you’re the most competent person in your industry. Face it: No one wants ...

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