Chapter 8

Arranging to Meet and Putting Your Clients at Ease

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing how to get in touch with your potential clients

arrow Using communication tools to your best advantage

arrow Figuring out how to get in touch with the difficult-to-reach decision-maker

arrow Winning people over with a good first impression

arrow Standing out in a retail setting

arrow Building rapport with your prospective clients

In virtually every situation in which you can use selling skills, if you don’t connect directly with the decision maker, all your hard work developing your selling skills goes for naught. If you don’t connect directly with your clients — whether face-to-face, via video chat, phone, or email — you’ll never be able to discover their needs in order to figure out how you can satisfy them.

So how do you get directly involved with the people you want to persuade? To connect with people long enough to discuss ...

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