Chapter 12

Closing Sales

In This Chapter

arrow Asking for what you want at the right time

arrow Finding out whether your prospect is ready to make a buying decision

arrow Using skill and empathy to help your buyers overcome their hesitation

Closing is the fun part of sales: the moment when you tie it all together; the moment when what your client needs and what you’re selling become one. If you adopt this book’s philosophy of selling, you come to know that, in effect, you work on closing the sale from the moment you first contact any potential client. That’s just a given of the world of selling. But unless you hone your instincts for closing into finished skills, you’re just winging it. And in this chapter, I help you hone to your heart’s content, giving you specific strategies for closing sales. After you get past your own version of first-timer’s jitters and you’ve done it a few times, I’m confident you’ll agree that closing sales is downright fun.

Closing the sale starts at the beginning of the transaction, when you first make contact with your potential client. You close on meeting with you. You ...

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