Chapter 17

Staying Upbeat When You Don’t Succeed

In This Chapter

arrow Using the values that motivate you to make more sales

arrow Steering clear of the situations that make you want to stay in bed all day

arrow Persevering through failure until you succeed

arrow Overcoming mediocrity by doing what champions do

arrow Preventing personal and industrial challenges from getting you down

You’re bound to experience rejection — it’s as inevitable as death and taxes. What separates you from all those who let themselves get sidetracked by rejection is your attitude toward it.

So what’s the best weapon to use when fighting those inadequate feelings created by failure and rejection? Enthusiasm! That one little word, a word you’ve heard so many times, can make the difference between being a highly successful champion in sales and an ineffective struggler. If you’re just going through the motions of selling but doing so with little or no enthusiasm for the job, you’ll be terribly disappointed with your results on payday. ...

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