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Selling Skills for Complete Ameteur

Book Description

Nearly everyone within a company is involved in selling at one level or another. Yet, the majority of those people are not professional frontline salespeople – they have never received any training in selling or in dealing with customers. As a result, opportunities are missed and, worst, you may even have wrecked the relationship with the customer for the long term.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
    1. Kick-start poster
  6. 1 Who sold you this then?
    1. Don’t mention “selling” round here
    2. Telling isn’t selling
    3. Equal and opposite reaction
    4. Why is this?
    5. Breathing your own CO2
    6. Summary
  7. 2 Never make a statement when you could ask a question
    1. Why questions are the basic tools of successful selling
    2. Types of question
    3. The direct question
    4. The indirect question
    5. The real question
    6. The leading question
    7. The rhetorical question
    8. The open question
    9. The closed question
    10. The alternative question
    11. Get the sale ... not “the bends”
    12. If you’re an academic ...
    13. The eight laws of questioning
    14. The two essential things that questions do for you:
    15. How to use questions to present your solution
    16. Now you know that ... you can generate more persuasive power
    17. Solutions are the only things your customer wants from you
    18. Control questions
    19. It’s the algebra lesson all over again
    20. Know how powerful it is to link different types of question
    21. Information question:
    22. Here is an example of linked questions during a sale
  8. 3 Stop selling: start asking “SWOT”
    1. Final points
  9. 4 Features, advantages and benefits
    1. What’s a feature?
    2. What’s an advantage?
    3. What’s a benefit?
    4. True benefits
    5. Summary
  10. 5 I object! (Objection overruled!)
    1. Sales objections are GOOD things?
    2. Amateur seller cowardice … begone!
    3. Dealing with the classic sales objections
    4. Summary
  11. 6 How to sell in the worst of times
    1. So what does bring in sales in the worst of times?
    2. Summary
  12. 7 Getting your contract signed
    1. The “Next Step” model
    2. Yes … it’s “Limbo” time!
    3. The “Next Step” strategy
    4. YES … there will finally be a time to “Close” the sale
    5. The alternative close
    6. The minor point close
    7. The continuous assumptive close*
    8. The contrast close
    9. The Winston Churchill balance sheet
    10. The Law Of Silence
    11. Summary
  13. 8 The ubiquitous sales letter
  14. About the author