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Selling to Anyone Over the Phone, 2nd Edition

Book Description

It’s a fact: more and more organizations are scaling back on their in-the-field sales operations. Today’s sales pros have to build relationships and close deals over the phone in less time than ever before. This fully updated second edition of Selling to Anyone Over the Phone is the salesperson’s ready-reference guide for generating the kind of product excitement that will ensure callbacks, partnering with gatekeepers and decision makers using personality-matching techniques, and generally boosting success rates. Including new chapters on using advanced technology (e.g., webinars and teleconferencing) and selling to customers from other cultures and countries, this revised edition features trust-building tips, an invaluable appendix on handling customer complaints, new sample call dialogs, and all the specific, tactical techniques readers need to develop truly exceptional phone skills that will win over even the most reluctant customers.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction: Selling “Double Green”
  7. Chapter 1: Setting Up for Success
    1. Apply New Tactics for New Times
    2. Move to Phone Selling Success
    3. Begin Your Prep Work
    4. Launch Your Call Day
    5. Open Calls with Confidence
    6. The Payoff
  8. Chapter 2: Managing Time and Information for Profitability
    1. Improve Your Time-to-Sales Ratio
    2. Locate Quality Customers
    3. Gather and Manage Customer Information
    4. The Payoff
  9. Chapter 3: Identifying Personality Types Over the Phone
    1. The Precise Customer
    2. The Energized Customer
    3. The Assured Customer
    4. The Kind Customer
    5. Personality Matches and the Phone Salesperson
    6. The Phone Salesperson’s Quick-Reference Extra: The Salesperson ↔ Customer Match
    7. The Payoff
  10. Chapter 4: Getting Gatekeepers to Work for You
    1. Engage the Person Answering the Phone
    2. Use Voice Mail to Gain Useful Information for Strategic Calling
    3. The Payoff
  11. Chapter 5: Asking High-Value Questions
    1. Establish or Deepen Your Relationship with the Customer
    2. Use Questions as Tactics
    3. Avoid Asking the Wrong Questions
    4. Guidelines for High-Value Questions
    5. Ask Questions at the Right Time: The Trust Scale
    6. The Payoff
  12. Chapter 6: Listening and Presenting
    1. Listen from “Hello”
    2. Listen for the Customer’s Personality Style
    3. Focus on the Phone: The Listening Challenge
    4. Listen While Presenting: I-N-V-O-L-V-E Your Customer
    5. Vary the Tools You Use for Effective Presentations
    6. The Payoff
  13. Chapter 7: Selling Through Objections
    1. The Value of Objections
    2. Techniques for Handling Objections
    3. Personality-Type Objection Patterns
    4. The Payoff
  14. Chapter 8: Negotiating the Close
    1. Set Up the Close
    2. Eliminate Buyer Anxiety
    3. Ask for the Business
    4. Negotiate: Carve Out the Details
    5. Seal the Close
    6. The Payoff
  15. Chapter 9: Using New Technology in Phone Sales
    1. The Pros and Cons of New Technology
    2. Guidelines for the Strategic Use of New Technology
    3. The Payoff
  16. Chapter 10: Selling to Customers from Other Cultures
    1. The Importance of Time
    2. The Role of the Relationship
    3. Language and Communication Across Cultures
    4. Culture and Personality
    5. Dealing with Cultural Differences
    6. The Payoff
  17. Appendix A: PEAK Personality Type Assessment
  18. Appendix B: Handling Customer Complaints Effectively
  19. Appendix C: How to Present Powerful Proposals That Sell
  20. Index