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Selling to Anyone Over the Phone

Book Description

A script may be a useful tool, but truly powerful phone selling only happens when the approach is tailored to each individual customer.

Selling to Anyone Over the Phone shows how to do it much better. This must-read resource for sales professionals will help them develop the exceptional phone skills they need to close more sales, more often!

This book is crucial reading for anyone who does any selling on the phone—from field reps who sell on the phone occasionally, to full-time telesales reps. Full of practical, time-efficient techniques for connecting with each customer generating leads that translate into real customers and closing more sales faster.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Advance praise for Selling to Anyone Over the Phone:
  3. Foreword
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Introduction
    1. How Effective Is Your Phone Selling?
    2. A New Approach
    3. The Challenge
    4. Phone Selling—The Logical Choice
  6. Polishing Your Phone Sales Tools
    1. Taking Charge
    2. Getting Yourself Revved Up!
    3. Finding Potential Customers and Classifying Leads
    4. Refining the Basics
    5. Maintaining Professionalism
    6. Selling with Integrity
    7. The Payoff
  7. The PLAYING Process
    1. Use a Process Strategy
    2. Plan for Your Call
    3. Listen to the Customer
    4. Ask High-Value Questions
    5. Yak Less
    6. Involve Your Customer
    7. Negotiate to Clarify Close
    8. Gain a Commitment
    9. The Payoff
  8. Identifying Personality Types Over the Phone
    1. The Precise Customer
    2. The Energized Customer
    3. The Assured Customer
    4. The Kind Customer
    5. Personality Matches
    6. Salesperson’s Quick Reference Extra: The Salesperson ↔ Customer Match
    7. The Payoff
  9. Getting Gatekeepers to Work for You
    1. Voice Mail
    2. Live Person Answering the Phone
    3. Gatekeeper Partnerships
    4. E-Mail as a Gatekeeper
    5. Faxes
    6. The Payoff
  10. Planning and Tracking
    1. Information to Be Gathered
    2. Company Records → Getting Leads
    3. Your Record Keeping
    4. Time/Cost Trade-Off
    5. Dispelling the 80/20 Rule of Sales
    6. Customer Prioritization
    7. Creating Efficiencies in Daily Activities
    8. The Payoff
  11. Setting Up for Success
    1. Prior Prep
    2. Guidelines for a Successful Call Day
    3. Appointment Security
    4. Call Openers
    5. Persistent or Pest?
    6. The Payoff
  12. Listening Through the Words
    1. Personality Style Listening
    2. The Listening Challenge
    3. Obstacle Challenges
    4. Attitude Challenges
    5. The Payoff
  13. Asking High-Value Questions
    1. The Relationship
    2. Questions Qualify
    3. Questions Establish Credibility
    4. Questions Guide the Process
    5. Questions Uncover Needs
    6. Questions Deepen Relationships
    7. Guidelines for High-Value Questions
    8. Questions for Personality Styles
    9. The Payoff
  14. Selling Through Objections
    1. Value of Objections
    2. Never Let Them “Hear” You Sweat
    3. Techniques for Handling Objections
    4. Confirmation
    5. Situational Stress Management
    6. Personality-Type Objection Patterns
    7. The Payoff
  15. Negotiating the Close
    1. Avoid Dangling Features
    2. Check In
    3. I-N-V-O-L-V-E Your Customer
    4. Eliminate Buyer Anxiety
    5. Anticipate Personality and Risk
    6. Advance the Sale
    7. Ask for the Business
    8. Negotiate by Personality
    9. Seal the Close
    10. The Payoff
  16. PEAK Personality Type Assessment
    1. Personality Profile
  17. Powerful Proposals That Sell
    1. To Prepare
    2. Components of the Proposal
    3. Table of Contents
    4. Customer Applications
    5. Capabilities and Solutions
  18. About the Authors
  19. Index