Selling with Noble Purpose: How to Drive Revenue and Do Work That Makes You Proud

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Does Your Sales Force Have A Purpose?

(Or do you just sell stuff?)

Shadowing hundreds of salespeople for a double-blind study on performance, sales leadership consultant Lisa McLeod made a significant discovery: Salespeople driven by a sense of purpose wildly outperformed those driven by quotas.

McLeod noticed that superstars didn't look at their quotas and ask, "How can I meet them?" They looked at their customers and asked, "How can I help them?" In McLeod's groundbreaking sales management book you'll discover why...

Driving Revenue Is Not The Purpose Of A Sales Force. It's The Test Of Its Effectiveness

Stellar performers don't just "sell stuff." They want to have an impact on their customer's lives. In her brilliant sales book, McLeod shows sales management leaders how to cultivate a sense of "noble purpose" in their team. First, by knowing that...

Overemphasizing Profit Erodes Your Bottom Line

When spreadsheets are more important than the customer's condition, problems escalate for your sales team:

  • Customers view you as a commodity

  • Customers perceive everything as a sales technique

  • They place undue emphasis on minor problems

  • Contracts are constantly in jeopardy over small dollars

  • Sales strategy defaults to lowering the price

A Sense of Purpose Produces More Sales Than Bonus Incentives

It shifts the conversation from hitting quotas to solving problems. The questions change:

  • * What are our customers' goals and how can we help achieve them?

  • How might our customers do business in the future and how can our sales team help them get there?

  • What problems do our customers encounter and how can we help solve them?

  • How can our sales training incorporate the customer's environment?

Instilling A Sense Of Purpose Drives Revenue Through The Roof

This sales book is a blueprint for sales management leaders who want to discover their noble purpose and have it guide every decision they make. See how sales training executives use McLeod's unique insights to drive revenue.

Why Did Tom Rath, The Best Selling Author Of Strengths-Finder Call Lisa McLeod's Sales Management Book "Remarkable?"

Because he knows that selling with noble purpose shifts the conversation from cost to value, makes a better link between your product and the customer's need, captures critical business intelligence, provides access to senior management, and closes bigger deals.

Why Did Procter & Gamble's Former CMO Jim Stengel Say,"Lisa McLeod Knows What It Takes To Drive Growth?"

Because he knows first-hand how McLeod's noble purpose sales management strategy changes the way meetings are conducted and incentive programs are constructed. He's seen how it elevates the thinking in sales coaching calls and makes your presentations more powerful.

Scroll up, click the buy button today...and start building a purpose-driven sales force tomorrow.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Introduction: What Is Selling with Noble Purpose?
  7. Part I: Why Noble Sales Purpose Matters and Where to Find Yours
    1. Chapter 1: The Great Sales Disconnect
      1. What Lack of Purpose Costs a Sales Force
      2. Why NSP Makes You Money
      3. What’s Gained from Approaching Sales with NSP
      4. How to Use This Book
      5. Reframing the Sales Profession
    2. Chapter 2: Why Noble Sales Purpose Works
      1. The Two Big Human Needs: Connection and Meaning
      2. 10 Sample NSPs
      3. Why Mission and Vision Aren’t Enough
      4. The Google Sales Reframe
      5. Now NSP Drives Shareholder Value
      6. Shareholders versus Stakeholders
    3. Chapter 3: Why Profit Is Not a Purpose
      1. How Overemphasizing Profit Erodes Your Bottom Line
      2. The 6 Ps: Putting Profit into Perspective
      3. How NSP Prompts Better Questions
    4. Chapter 4: The Sales Manager Question That Changes Everything
      1. Why Sales Managers Matter
      2. How NSP Helps You Close Bigger Deals
      3. A Sample NSP Coaching Session
    5. Chapter 5: How to Create Your Own Noble Sales Purpose
      1. Part 1: How Do You Make a Difference to Your Customers?
      2. Part 2: How Are You Different from Competitors?
      3. Part 3: On Your Best Day, What Do You Love about Your Job?
      4. Crafting Your NSP
  8. Part II: How to Live by Your Noble Sales Purpose
    1. Chapter 6: How Fear Flatlines Sales Calls
      1. The Lizard Brain
      2. Why Shared Commitment Gives You Courage
      3. A Lesson in Fear, Part 1
      4. The Chilling Effect of Fear-Based Leadership
      5. A Lesson in Fear, Part 2
      6. Why Fear Makes You Fail
    2. Chapter 7: The Dirty Little Secret about Sales Training
      1. The Mindset Difference between Average and Outstanding
      2. Five NSP Mindsets That Differentiate Top Performers
      3. Selling Skills: Art or Science?
      4. The Ugly Uncomfortable Truth about Sales Training
      5. NSP Mindset #1: Hold Two Goals in Your Mind at the Same Time
      6. NSP Mindset #2: Sit with Uncertainty
      7. NSP Mindset #3: Think Customer First, Product Second
      8. NSP Mindset #4: Create Success for Everyone
      9. NSP Mindset #5: Show Up with Love
      10. It Takes Courage to Love
    3. Chapter 8: Creating a Powerful Sales Narrative without Sanitizing Your Stories
      1. Creating a New Organizational Narrative
      2. A Case Study in Storytelling
      3. Creating NSP Stories
    4. Chapter 9: How Sales Coaching Drives Better Customer Intelligence
      1. Five Categories of Critical Customer Information
      2. How Information Improves Your Win Rate
    5. Chapter 10: How to Keep Your Sales Force from Being Sabotaged by Your CRM
      1. How CRM Affects Sales Calls
      2. Why Computer Screens Are More Powerful Than Sales Managers
      3. Analytics versus Sales Call Behavior
    6. Chapter 11: The Trojan Horse: Using Case Studies to Grab New Markets
      1. Celebrating versus Sharing
      2. The Trojan Horse of Sales
    7. Chapter 12: How to Keep Your Noble Sales Purpose from Being a Mere Tagline
      1. Mistake #1: Assuming That Sales Calls Are Commercials
      2. Mistake #2: Failing to Flip the Switch in the Marketing-to-Sales Handoff
      3. Mistake #3: Creating Marketing Messages for “Ideal” Customers Instead of Actual Customers
      4. Mistake #4: Creating Marketing Materials That Don’t Match the Sales Cycle
      5. Marketing Can’t Play Cyrano for Sales
    8. Chapter 13: Using Purpose to Eliminate Turf Wars and Silos
      1. How Silos Turn into Wars
      2. The Cost of Overemphasis
    9. Chapter 14: How to Keep Internal Projects from Sucking the Soul Out of Your Sales Force
      1. How Six Sigma Stripped the Soul Out of a Sales Force
      2. Through the Lens of the Customer
      3. Purpose as a Touchstone
    10. Chapter 15: Reframe Your Team’s Internal Talk Track with One Pivotal Behavior
      1. Eye Contact
      2. Measuring Your Behavior
      3. Choosing Your Pivotal Behavior
  9. Part III: A Manager’s Blueprint for Creating a Noble Sales Purpose-Inspired Team of True Believers
    1. Chapter 16: Lose the Boring Slides: Sales Meetings That Inspire Action
    2. Chapter 17: Inspiring the Many Instead of the Few: Adding Purpose to Your Incentive Programs
    3. Chapter 18: The Ultimate Litmus Test: Using Purpose in Interviews to Eliminate Nonperformers
    4. Chapter 19: Using Nobel Sales Purpose to Demonstrate Value in Proposals and Presentations
    5. Chapter 20: Acronyms Are Not Enough: Breathing New Life into Sales Training
    6. Chapter 21: The Most Critical 10 Minutes: Precall and Postcall Sales Coaching
      1. Before the Sales Call
      2. During the Sales Call
      3. After the Sales Call
    7. Chapter 22: Using Your Noble Sales Purpose in Tough Negotiations
  10. Conclusion: How to Use Purpose to Make the Rest of Your Life More Meaningful
  11. Acknowledgments
  12. About the Author
  13. Index

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  • Title: Selling with Noble Purpose: How to Drive Revenue and Do Work That Makes You Proud
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118408094