Selling With Noble Purpose, 2nd Edition

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Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to choose between making money and making a difference.  

Selling With Noble Purpose: How to Drive Revenue and Do Work That Makes You Proud, 2nd Edition is an update of the acclaimed book that changed the game in sales. Using real-world data, compelling stories and psychological research, Selling With Noble Purpose explains why salespeople who genuinely understand how they can make a difference to customers outsell those who only focus on internal targets and quotas.    

Sales leadership experts McLeod and Lotardo reveal how a Noble Sales Purpose (NSP) can drive a team to outstanding sales numbers.  Whether you’re an executive, manager or aspiring sales leader, you’ll discover how to find your own Noble Sales Purpose and create a sales force of True Believers.   This new edition covers: 

  • How firms overcome ferocious competition and how you can do the same  
  • Why sales organizations with a clear NSP outperform traditional sales teams  
  • How to avoid the trap of behaving like a transactional salesperson 
  • Why well-intended leaders often unknowingly erode purpose and differentiation 
  • How to use your NSP to increase customer engagement  
  • Why an NSP gives you clarity during times of uncertainty 
In an era where organizations often believe that money is the primary way to motivate salespeople, Selling with Noble Purpose offers and exciting and sustainable alternative.  

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Introduction
    1. What Is Selling with Noble Purpose?
    2. The Curbside Conversation Where Selling with Noble Purpose Was Born
    3. How Noble Purpose Plays Out
    4. The Changing Face of Business
    5. Note
  3. PART 1: Sales: A Noble Profession?
    1. CHAPTER 1: The Great Sales Disconnect
      1. What Lack of Purpose Costs a Sales Force
      2. Reframing the Sales Profession
      3. What's Gained from Approaching Sales with Purpose
      4. Why Selling with Noble Purpose Becomes Self‐Reinforcing
      5. What This Book Can Do For You
    2. CHAPTER 2: How a Noble Sales Purpose (NSP) Changes Your Brain
      1. Customer Centricity Is Not Enough
      2. The Two Big Human Needs: Belonging and Significance
      3. A 10‐Degree Shift Can Change Your Direction
      4. You Don't Have to Create World Peace
      5. Why Mission and Vision Aren't Enough
      6. Preventing Your Personal Wells Fargo
      7. Surrogation: When the Metric of the Strategy Takes the Place of the Strategy
      8. How NSP Drives Shareholder Value
      9. Shareholders vs. Stakeholders
    3. CHAPTER 3: Why Profit Is Not a Purpose
      1. Why Leaders (Unintentionally) Overemphasize Profit
      2. The 6 Ps: Putting Profit into Perspective
      3. How NSP Drives Innovation
      4. Numbers Provide False Certainty
    4. CHAPTER 4: Where Passion Falls Short
      1. The Power of Being Steadfast
      2. Managers Are the Front Line Belief‐Builders
    5. CHAPTER 5: The Leadership Question That Changes Everything
      1. How Words Create Worlds
      2. How NSP Helps You Close Bigger Deals
      3. A Sample NSP Coaching Session
      4. Marketing
      5. Product Development
      6. Sales Engagement and Support
  4. PART 2: Naming and Claiming Your Noble Sales Purpose
    1. CHAPTER 6: Crafting Your Noble Sales Purpose
      1. Discovery Question #1: How Do You Make a Difference to Your Customers?
      2. Discovery Question #2: How Are You Different From Competitors?
      3. Discovery Question #3: On Your Best Day, What Do You Love About Your Job?
      4. Create Your NSP
    2. CHAPTER 7: Why Specificity Is Sexy
      1. Choose a Big Enough Lane
      2. How to Avoid the Bookcase Problem
    3. CHAPTER 8: The Stories That Make Your NSP Stick
      1. Build Belief: Create Sticky Stories
      2. A Memorable Customer Impact Story
      3. Sticky Stories Create Meaning
      4. The Formula for Sticky Stories
      5. Jumpstart Purpose with Customer Impact Stories
    4. CHAPTER 9: Why Seemingly Sane People Resist Noble Purpose
      1. Set the CEO Up for Success
      2. Be Intentional with Your Early Supporters
      3. How to Deal with the Eeyores (If You Must)
      4. Restoring Nobility to the Sales Profession
      5. Skip the “Aha! I Was Wrong” Moment
  5. PART 3: Activating Your Purpose with Customers
    1. CHAPTER 10: Making Your NSP More Than a Tagline
      1. Creating a Differentiated, Purpose‐Fueled Sales Experience
      2. Interaction vs. Infomercial
      3. Deep Schemas Drive Engagement
      4. Avoiding the Data Dump in Demos
      5. Activation vs. Proclamation
    2. CHAPTER 11: The Customer Intelligence You Didn't Know You Needed
      1. The Five Categories of Critical Customer Information
      2. How Information Improves Your Win Rate
      3. Questioning with Purpose
    3. CHAPTER 12: Three Places Where Differentiation Goes to Die
      1. Call Openings
      2. Presentations and Proposals That Generate Urgency
      3. Keeping Your Purpose Alive in Negotiations
      4. Go Beyond Normal
    4. CHAPTER 13: The Dirty Little Secret About Sales Training
      1. Sales Training Addresses the Symptoms, Not the Cause
      2. Two Distinct Mental Abilities of Top Performers
      3. How Sitting with Uncertainty Reduces Objections
      4. Your Customers Are Mind Readers Whether They Realize It or Not
      5. The 10‐Second Game-Changer
    5. CHAPTER 14: Using Technology to Humanize Customers
      1. How Your CRM Affects Sales Calls
      2. Why Computer Screens Are More Powerful Than Sales Managers
    6. CHAPTER 15: How Fear Flatlines a Sales Team
      1. Why Fear Causes Salespeople to Fail
      2. Don't Take Your Lizard Brain on Sales Calls
      3. An Eye‐Opening Lesson in Fear‐Based Leadership
      4. The Ripple Effect of Fear
      5. Why Shared Commitment Gives You Courage
      6. How to Conquer Fear When You're Broke
  6. PART 4: Creating a Tribe of True Believers
    1. CHAPTER 16: Sustaining the “High” of the Close
      1. “Kill the Competition” Is Not a Rallying Cry
      2. How to Keep the Serotonin Flowing
      3. Gratitude: The Gateway Drug to Happiness
    2. CHAPTER 17: Sales Meetings That Inspire Action (from Everyone)
      1. Why Traditional Meetings Can Unintentionally Erode Morale
      2. Small Shift, Big Impact
    3. CHAPTER 18: Noble Purpose Sales Coaching
      1. Before the Sales Call
      2. During the Sales Call
      3. After the Sales Call
    4. CHAPTER 19: Training Your Frontline to Be Noble Purpose Sellers
      1. Learning vs. Lecturing
      2. Self‐Discovery Experiential Training Is Stickier
      3. Why Maria Montessori Would Have Been a Great Sales Trainer
    5. CHAPTER 20: Incentivizing Purpose
      1. What the Marshmallow Experiment Tells Us About Sales Incentives
      2. Hit Your Goals with Momentum
      3. Why the Winner‐Takes‐All Model Fails Midyear
      4. Reward the Right Behaviors
      5. Giving Everyone a Trophy Is Not the Answer
      6. Why Public Recognition Is Powerful
      7. Nine Ways to Incentivize Your Purpose
    6. CHAPTER 21: Winning Top Talent
      1. Join Us If You Want Make a Difference
      2. Onboarding Should Get People More Excited, Not Less Excited
    7. CHAPTER 22: How to Keep Your NSP from Dying in Accounting
      1. How Overattachment Costs You Money
      2. Why Silos Turn Into Turf Wars
      3. The Cost of Overemphasis
      4. How to Bring the Customer's Voice into the Room
    8. CHAPTER 23: Build a Noble Purpose Culture (and Have More Fun at Work)
      1. Cascading Meaning
      2. Noble Purpose Culture‐Builders
  7. Conclusion: Life on Purpose
    1. The Second‐Most‐Important Person in the World
    2. Making the Mundane Meaningful
    3. Your Self‐Story Becomes Your Life Story
  8. APPENDIX A: Techniques and Tools
    1. Implementing Noble Purpose in Your Organization
    2. The Three Discovery Questions
    3. Customer Impact Stories
    4. The Five Categories of Critical Customer Information
    5. The You‐Me‐You Call Opening
    6. The 10‐Second Game‐Changer
    7. The Game‐Changing Question
    8. The Six CEO Moments of Purpose
  9. APPENDIX B: Glossary
  10. APPENDIX C: Frequently Asked Questions
  11. Acknowledgments
  12. About the Authors
  13. Index
  14. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Selling With Noble Purpose, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): Lisa Earle McLeod, Elizabeth Lotardo
  • Release date: September 2020
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119700883