Owner of the MSP queue Build macro

The non-set-user-id root version of sendmail used for local mail submission employs a queue that is separate from that used by the mail transfer agent (MTA) daemon. This separate queue is owned by smmsp (by default). If you prefer a different owner, you can redefine it with this confMSPQOWN Build macro. It is used like this:

define(`confMSPQOWN', `nullmail')       ← define a username
define(`confMSPQOWN', `67541')          ← define a user by number

If you specify an owner by a positive number that is not too large, it will usually work. If you define a name that is not in the /etc/passwd file (or in a related file such as /etc/master.passwd), the following error will print and the build will fail:

chown: unknown user id: nullmail

See also confMBINOWN in confMBIN... on page 89.

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