Trace delivery Debug command-line switch

The -d11.1 (a.k.a. -d11) debugging switch is used to trace message delivery. It must be run with the -v command-line switch, or no output will be produced.

First, for each delivery agent the following is printed:

openmailer: argv

Here, argv is the A= array for the delivery agent, with macros expanded and printed.

Second, the status of remote hosts is cached internally. Before connecting to a remote host, sendmail checks its cache to see whether that host is down. If it is, it skips connecting to that host. If the -d11.1 debugging switch is also specified, the status of the down host is printed as:

openmailer: output of mci_dump(  ) here

The output of mci_dump( ) looks like this:

MCI@memaddr: flags=mci_flags<flag,flag,...>,
errno=mci_errno, herrno=mci_herrno, exitstat=mci_exitstat, state=mci_state,
maxsize=mci_maxsize, phase=mci_phase, mailer=mci_mailer,
status=mci_status, rstatus=mci+rstatus,
host=mci_host, lastuse=mci_lastuse

The meaning of each mci_ item in this output is described in Table 15-7.

Table 15-7. The meaning of the MCI structure items


What prints


The address in memory of this C-language structure


The flag bits in hexadecimal (see Table 15-8)


The error number of the last connection


The DNS h_errno of the last lookup


The <sysexits.h> exit status of the last connection


The current SMTP state


The maximum size message the host will ...

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