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Some mailer programs have difficulty handling addresses that contain spaces. Such addresses are both illegal under RFC2821 and RFC2822 and subject to gross misinterpretation. For example, the address:

John Q        ← decidedly not kosher

is viewed by some MUA programs as being composed of three separate addresses: John, Q, and To prevent this misinterpretation, such MUAs usually either quote the user portion or escape each space with a backslash:

"John Q Public"        ← quoted
John\ Q\        ← escaped

The BlankSub option is intended to handle an address that contains internal spaces, and is neither quoted nor escaped. For sendmail, a space is any character defined by the C-language library routine isspace(3).

Most sites use a . (dot or period) or an _ (underscore) character to replace unquoted space characters. That is, they declare the BlankSub option as one of the following:

O BlankSub=.
O BlankSub=_

Feeding the address:

John Q

through sendmail with the option BlankSub set to a dot yields:

The forms of the BlankSub option are as follows:

O BlankSub=charconfiguration file (V8.7 and later)
-OBlankSub=char                ← command line (V8.7 and later)
define(`confBLANK_SUB',char)   ← mc configuration (V8.7 and later)
OBcharconfiguration file (deprecated)
-oBcharcommand line (deprecated)

The argument char is of type character and is a single character. ...

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