Chapter 2. Build and Install sendmail

What’s New As of V8.13

V8.12.6 sendmail introduced one new Build m4-macro that arrived too late for inclusion in the third edition of the sendmail book: the confMSP_STFILE Build m4-macro (Section 2.1.1 [V8.13]).

confMSP_STFILE Build m4-macro

Beginning with V8.12.6 sendmail, the confMSP_STFILE Build macro may be used to define a new name under which the statistics file (24.9.106[3ed]) used by the MSP ([3ed]) invocation of sendmail can be installed. It is used like this:

               define(`confMSP_STFILE´, `mspstats´)

Here, a statistics file with the new name mspstats will be installed in the default directory /var/spool/clientmqueue (unless you redefine the default directory using the confMSP_QUEUE_DIR (2.8.37[3ed]) Build macro). The default name for this statistics file is

Note that if you rename this MSP statistics file, you will also have to redefine the StatusFile option (24.9.106[3ed]) in the file ([3ed]) to reflect the new name. The proper way to modify that file is to first edit the cf/cf/ file in the source distribution and then to regenerate a new file, like this:

# cd cf/cf
... edit the file here
# make install-submit-cf
... the file is recreated and installed 

Or, run make rather than make install-submit-cf if you want to check the result before installation.

See also the mailstats program and its -c command-line switch ([3ed]), which is used to print the ...

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