Chapter 5. Companion Programs

The sendmail distribution comes complete with several companion programs that can help you use sendmail.

What’s New with V8.13

Beginning with V8.13, sendmail offers expanded output for one program and new command-line switches for a couple of others:

  • A new mailstats display (Section 5.1.1[V8.13]) includes a count of quarantined messages.

  • A new makemap -D command-line switch (Section 5.1.2[V8.13]) allows you to define an alternative to # as a comment character.

  • A new vacation -j command-line switch (Section 5.1.3 [V8.13]) allows vacation to respond to messages, even if a user’s name does not appear in a To: or Cc: header.

  • A new vacation -R command-line switch (Section 5.1.4 [V8.13]) allows you to redefine the envelope-sender address from <> to one of your own choice.

A New mailstats Display

As of V8.13, sendmail can quarantine messages based on the sender address so that they may be reviewed before being sent (Section 11.1.2 [V8.13]). The sendmail program keeps track of the number of messages quarantined by updating the information in the statistics file (24.9.106[3ed]), while the mailstats program (5.4[3ed]) summarizes that information.

Prior to V8.13, the output produced by mailstats ended with the column that displayed the number of discarded messages (the msgsdis column). Beginning with V8.13, a new rightmost column has been added (called msgsqur) that shows the number of messages that have been quarantined:

# mailstats Statistics from Sun Apr 6 ...

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