Chapter 14. Signals, Transactions, and Syslog

The sendmail program can keep the system administrator up to date about many aspects of mail delivery and forwarding. It does this by logging its activities using the syslog(3) facility.

What’s New with V8.13

There is one new option that effects logging, but it is covered in Chapter 24:

  • The RejectLogInterval option (Section 24.1.11 [V8.13]) tells sendmail how often (at what intervals) it should log a message saying that connections are still being refused.

Two equates that were not covered in the third edition and are covered here, along with a new one that is available with V8.13:

  • The milter= equate, new since V8.12, shows the name of the Milter (Section 14.1.1 [V8.13]).

  • The action= equate, new since V8.12, shows the Milter’s phase (Section 14.1.2 [V8.13]).

  • The quarantine= equate, new since V8.13, shows why a message was quarantined (Section 14.1.3 [V8.13]).

The milter= Equate

The milter= equate (new since V8.12) shows the name of the Milter that was used to prevent the message from being sent. That name was set by the X configuration command when your configuration file was created. For example, the following sets the name of the Milter to Milter1:

INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`Milter1´, `S=local:/var/run/f1.sock, F=R´)

If a message is prevented from being delivered by this Milter, the following equate will be logged:


This equate is most useful when you run multiple Milters.

The action= Equate

The action= equate (new since V8.12) specifies ...

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