SEO Link Building: Rank in Google with EDU and GOV Backlinks

Video Description

Get free Keyword Research Software and Linkbuilding Training. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) made easy to rank your website on Page 1 Online

About This Video

  • Learn a lot of valuable information
  • You will learn how to choose a research keyword vs a buyer keyword
  • You will learn how to optimize an article you submit to these institutions
  • You will learn how to perform keyword research with FREE & PAID tools
  • You will receive a FREE SOFTWARE for keyword research

In Detail

As a website owner, it’s hard to know what tactics are viable in growing your website’s online visibility. Everyone says that links are important in gaining traffic from Google, but no one talks about how to secure good links that make sense from relevant websites. That's why we put this course together. We’ve built links for every business imaginable, from Fortune 500 to small online mom and pop shops. After that, we will teach you how to find target sites for link prospecting, including analyzing a competitor’s backlinks, using advanced search in Google, and how to analyze a website and post a link to it.

Product Information

  • Title: SEO Link Building: Rank in Google with EDU and GOV Backlinks
  • Author(s): Zach Miller
  • Release date: July 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781789611892