Chapter 18. Industry Buzz

Search engines never stand still, and if they did, their competitors, black hat SEO practitioners, and hackers would run them over. The SERPs would become spam wastelands of irrelevant search results.

Search quality is the most important area search engines need to worry about. Although search engines can and will continue to improve their algorithms, they are increasingly relying on webmasters to adopt new web crawler standards. It is also easy to see how search engines will continue to develop tools and associated platforms to further filter and refine their algorithms.

Other areas of advancements or changes are related to search results pages. Google is the leader in this area with its introduction of Blended Search (also known as Universal Search). Google also introduced a service called SearchWiki that has raised some questions in the Internet community.

SEO blogs go into a state of frenzy as soon as the search engine leaders announce anything. Many times this excitement is filled with theories and false information or information that is not really important in the core SEO practice.

In this chapter, we will examine three of the most talked about SEO topics as of this writing: Bing, SearchWiki, and the nofollow link attribute. At the end of the chapter, I’ll provide a list of some of the most popular sites where you can read the latest news as it relates to SEO.


The Bing search engine arrived on the scene with a lot of buzz and fanfare. Microsoft sees ...

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