A. Discussion Problems

A1. If valve trays cost more than sieve trays, why are they often advertised as a way of decreasing tower costs?

A2. Develop your key relations chart for this chapter.

A3. What is the effect of increasing the feed temperature if

L/D = 1.15 (L/D)min. Note that (L/D)min will change.

Include effects on QR and number of stages. Use a McCabe-Thiele diagram.

A4. Optimums usually occur because there are two major competing effects. For the optimum L/D these two major effects for capital cost are (select two answers):

a. The number of stages is infinite as L/D goes to infinity and has a minimum value at (L/D)min.

b. The number of stages is infinite at (L/D)min and approaches a minimum value as L/D goes to infinity.

c. The column ...

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