So you want to be a stockbroker? The good news is that a career in the securities field can be extremely lucrative and rewarding. The not-so-good news is that anyone who plans to become a stockbroker and sell securities in any of the 50 states must first pass the Series 7 exam, a monster of a test. And to accomplish this, you have to commit time and effort.

I passed the Series 7 exam (back when 250 questions counted toward your score) the first time with a very high score, but it required weeks of study and sacrifice. Those who aren’t totally prepared on exam day are in for an unpleasant wake-up call. I always get a few students in every class who’ve enrolled after they already failed the exam the first (or second) time they took it. Most of them initially expected the same easy ride that they’d experienced in high school or college. Not only were they wrong, but they also had to pay hundreds of dollars to reregister for the exam and wait another 30 days (a mandatory FINRA rule) before they could retake the exam.

Back to the good news again. You’re obviously interested in doing well, so you probably won’t be one of those people. This book can help you pass the Series 7 and achieve your goal.

About This Book

This book should be all you need to pass the exam, although I certainly encourage you to view other materials and take whatever exams you can get your hands on.

I cover the topics that appear on the test, offer formulas, provide definitions, and go over the foundational ...

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