Chapter 17

Practice Exam 1

This chapter is where you get your chance to shine like a star.

This practice exam has 125 questions in random order, just as they are in the actual Series 7 exam. Please read carefully — many test-takers make careless mistakes because they miss key words or read too quickly. Focus on the information you do need to know and ignore the information that you don’t need. Read the last sentence twice to make sure you know what the question is asking.

Mark your answers on the answer sheet provided or on a separate piece of paper. You may use a basic calculator and scrap paper for notes and figuring. As you’re taking the exam, be sure to circle the questions you find difficult. This step can help you determine what you really need to review.

To simulate the real exam, try to finish in three hours or less. Please resist the urge to look at the answers and explanations as you work through the exam; save the grading for later. After you finish, check your answers (you can find the answers and detailed explanations in Chapter 18 along with an answer key at the end of that chapter). You should thoroughly review your questions and explanations before proceeding to the next practice exam (Chapter 19).

Good luck!

Practice Exam 1 Answer Sheet

Illustration depicting the Part 1  multiple choice test answer sheet of a practice exam displaying four choices for each answer from 1 to 125 numbers.

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